About Us

Xoxolife Global Ltd is a product based multilevel marketing company and we are bringing to the table the fulfillment of the basic needs of man up to a point of self-actualization. According to Mazlow’s Need Theory, the basic needs of man are food and shelter. Then other finer things like the quality of the furnishing in your home and beautiful clothing on your body comes later as you move up the ladder of success.
We are here to take all our members and stakeholders through the ladder of success and fulfillment. The founding members are a group of networkers seeking a landing whereby they can make an impact by making our stakeholders big successes. We are here to create success stories by using our products, encouraging manufacturers to market their productions, and bringing shelter to our members and customers. We want all our members at a particular point in their lives to be homeowners and not just a house but a sweet home filled with beautiful things. We build ordinary people to become business owners.
Come along with us as we contribute our quota towards food security. Are you looking for affordable land to build your homes, you will find them here. Then our online mall will stock goods of global manufacturers as we enter into a business arrangement with them. Do you want to learn new skills in different industries? We will help as our corporate responsibility train people through our free trade and skills acquisition activities with certificates issued to participants.
Welcome to Xoxolife Global Ltd. We are touching lives and empowering people globally. We are using both online and offline referrals. Here food and shelter are guaranteed.